2015 Lanson GT2-LS280B, Machine # 6733

Lanson GT2-LS280B, Machine:6733, image:0
Lanson GT2-LS280B Plastic Injection Molding Press - 6
Lanson GT2-LS280B, Machine:6733, image:1
Lanson GT2-LS280B Plastic Injection Molding Press - 4
Lanson GT2-LS280B, Machine:6733, image:2
Lanson GT2-LS280B, Machine:6733, image:3
Lanson GT2-LS280B Plastic Injection Molding Press - 2
Lanson GT2-LS280B, Machine:6733, image:4
Lanson GT2-LS280B Plastic Injection Molding Press - 5
Lanson GT2-LS280B, Machine:6733, image:5
Lanson GT2-LS280B Plastic Injection Molding Press - 3
Lanson GT2-LS280B, Machine:6733, image:6
Lanson GT2-LS280B Plastic Injection Molding Press - 7
Reference #:6733
Machine Type:Plastic Injection Molding
Under Power:Yes

Injection Unit:

  • Screw diameter: 45 mm
  • Theoretical shot volume: 254 cc
  • Theoretical shot weight (PP): 183 grams
  • Screw L:D ratio: 22
  • Injection rate: 295 cc/sec
  • Screw speed: 300 rpm
  • Plasticizing capacity (PS): 104 kg/h

Clamping Unit:

  • Clamping force: 2800 kN / 314 Tons
  • Maximum daylight: 1105 mm
  • Mold opening stroke: 525 mm
  • Platen dimensions: 875 x 875 mm
  • Space between tie bars: 580 x 580 mm
  • Mold thickness (min max): 250 ~ 630 mm
  • Ejector force: 67 kN
  • Ejector stroke: 160 mm
  • Number of ejectors: 12 + 1

Equipped With:

  • 460V/3PH/60HZ without neutral line
  • TECH1_Q8M Controller
  • Variable displacement pump
  • Standard spare parts
  • 1 x Core puller
  • 4 x Air blast
  • Wear-resisting steel slide of clamping unit
  • Hydraulic safety lock
  • Digital back pressure
  • Injection position ruler
  • Safety guard of injection unit
  • Sliding plate for hopper feeding
  • Fixed lock of rear door
  • SPI standard platens
  • Safety guard covered hydraulic motor
  • Complete sealing of plasticizing barrel
  • Emergency stop of back door
  • Three-color alarm light
  • Movable top guard of clamping unit
  • Explosion-proof chains for all high-pressure hydraulic hose throat
  • Hydraulic safety module
  • Safety switch on door of electric cabinet

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