Facts to Consider while Buying Used CNC Milling Machines

Summary: Choosing a used CNC milling machine helps you save money. However, you need to make a purchase based on certain important factors.

A milling machine is one of the most important metalworking tools that enable users to shape metal through rotating milling cutters. There are two types of milling machines, horizontal and vertical, which refers to the orientation of the main spindle. Conventionally, these machines were manually operated. However, computer numeric controls (CNC) milling machines have gained predominance owing to their enhanced ability to produce precise results. CNC milling machines make use of CAD/CAM cutter paths so as to shape metal parts as desired. These are computer programs that make use of software to perform tight tolerance cutting operations.

There are several different cutting operations that can be carried out by such a machine. Some of these include cutting grooves, shoulders, dovetails, T-slots, and more. These machines are divided into two basic categoriesóhorizontal and vertical. It is the orientation of the spindle that determines what category a milling machine falls under. The spindle, in this context, is the shaft to which the milling cutter is attached. One would find this machine being used in machining centers, parts manufacturing units, fabrication units, and other industrial establishments. Such machines are available in a variety of sizes, and a user can select the desired size based on their specific application.

Some people tend to confuse a milling machine with a drill press. However, the basic difference between these two machines is that in a drill press, the metal piece to be machined is fixed in place while the drill moves along the metal to cut it. On the contrary, in a CNC milling machine the work-piece also moves against the rotating cutter. CNC milling machines have the ability to precisely control the movement of the cutter as well as the metal work-piece. This quality indeed sets them a class apart.

Here are a few things to consider while purchasing a used CNC milling machine:

  • The first thing you need to determine is the right machine size that will suit your operations. While deciding this, donít forget to consider projected growth in operations in the near future.
  • Since a CNC machine almost entirely needs to depend on the computer control and related software to function properly, you might want to consider purchasing a machine that already includes relevant software. Some units are also available with a control that allows the operator to simply describe the part to be made and the machine builds the program itself.
  • Today, the best way to buy CNC milling machines is via the internet. There are certain reputable dealers that offer used machines in top shape. These dealers offer used machines from various brands and they do business with firms all over the world. This leaves them with rich technical expertise, allowing them to rapidly fulfill your requirements pertaining to used CNC milling machines. In most cases, firms donít just sell, but also purchase used machines.
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