Choosing the Correct CNC Equipment for Your Production Line

With the latest machine controls and CNC software, manufacturers can improve factory productivity with the right CNC Machines

Competition in the manufacturing arena has been fierce over the past few decades.  With an almost 10 fold decline in manufacturing companies in the USA over several industries in the past decade has made choosing the right production tools a necessity to keep your business viable.  The key to most manufacturing facilities are the CNC software and hardware capabilities chosen for a particular manufacturing process.   Efficiency, machine and tool life span, versatility, ease of setup and piece throughput are some of the key areas that affect a manufacturer.

Optimal CNC machines offer manufacturers a flexible system that can be easily programmed to handle parts on equipment from simple three-axis mills to much more elaborate multi-axis machine tools.

Make sure you know what type of results you are after. Machines such as CNC engraving, routing and milling have improved tremendously with extensive CAD software and specialty CNC machines. Often there are too many choices, so knowing what you want to accomplish will help narrow down which type of service and machine you are after.

Here is a list of various machines and machine types to choose from found at Superior Machinery:

Compound machines beget high-speed and high-precision machining, which has been gaining momentum among users of the high-end CNC machines.  Trying to figure out how to get more out of the same machine, or buy one machine that can do the work of what two machines did in the past. This is a trend in the industry.  Compound machines are becoming more common, for example, where you have a mill side and a lathe side and you’ve got multiple part programs running.

Software and CNC training enhancements help manufacturers operate at higher efficiencies.

Ease and efficiencies in programming are keys to improving plant productivity. The latest trends are for extremely functional conversational programming and very complex high-speed machining applications.  Operators and machine shops need all the help they can get to remain competitive. Whether you’re making a small batch of parts or millions, you need to maximize the capability of the system and consistently bring parts to QC that can be shipped and accepted. Many dealers in CNC systems are not taking the time to fully learn the nuances of each system and its capability, so the control practically has to be self-explanatory and extremely powerful.

For high-speed machining, the system must stage [buffer] all the servo activity so the relation between the cutter and material does not change.  At speeds in excess of 3000 ipm [76 m/min], the control and servos have to be mated perfectly to make this happen.

Not sure what your needs are?  You can email us for help and we’ll do our best to locate the correct machine for your needs.