DeHoff M1-18D, 1976, DRILLS, GUN


1976 DeHoff M1-18D, Machine # 6686

DeHoff M1-18D, Machine:6686, image:0
DeHoff M1-18D Gun Drill - 7
DeHoff M1-18D, Machine:6686, image:1
DeHoff M1-18D Gun Drill - 1
DeHoff M1-18D, Machine:6686, image:2
DeHoff M1-18D Gun Drill - 2
DeHoff M1-18D, Machine:6686, image:3
DeHoff M1-18D Gun Drill - 3
DeHoff M1-18D, Machine:6686, image:4
DeHoff M1-18D Gun Drill - 8
DeHoff M1-18D, Machine:6686, image:5
DeHoff M1-18D Gun Drill - 9
DeHoff M1-18D, Machine:6686, image:6
DeHoff M1-18D Gun Drill - 13
DeHoff M1-18D, Machine:6686, image:7
DeHoff M1-18D Gun Drill - 5
DeHoff M1-18D, Machine:6686, image:8
DeHoff M1-18D Gun Drill - 10
DeHoff M1-18D, Machine:6686, image:9
DeHoff M1-18D Gun Drill - 11
DeHoff M1-18D, Machine:6686, image:10
DeHoff M1-18D Gun Drill - 4
DeHoff M1-18D, Machine:6686, image:11
DeHoff M1-18D Gun Drill - 6
DeHoff M1-18D, Machine:6686, image:12
DeHoff M1-18D Gun Drill - 12
Reference #:6686
Machine Type:Drills
Under Power:Yes


  • Spindle Horsepower: 3 HP at 1750 RPM
  • Drill Capacity: 1/8"-1/2"
  • Number of Drill Heads: One (1)
  • Number of Spindles: One (1)
  • Drill Head Stroke: 18"
  • Feed Rate: ,0 to 30.0 IPM
  • Rapid Retraction of Dril Head: 150 IPM
  • Spindle Speed: 1500 to 8000 RPM
  • Spinde C-Line Parallel to Slidewa: ,0005 inches/foot
  • Face of Chipbox Perpendicular to Spindle C-Line: .0005" @ 6" Dia.
  • Spindle Runout: ,0002 TIR
  • Max. Drill Capacity (in free machining steel): 1/8" to 1/2"
  • Max. Drill Stroke: 18"
  • Rapid Return Rate: 100 IPM

Coolant Tank:

  • Tank Capacity: 150 Gallons
  • High Pressure Pump Output: 12 GPM
  • Maximum Pressure: 12 GPM
  • High Pressure Pump Motor: 7,5 HP at 1800 RPM
  • Transfer Pump Motor: 3 HP at 1750 RPM
  • Filtration: 10 Microns


  • Machine: 230/3/60
  • Tank: 230/3/60

Equipped With:

  • Free standing, self contained interlocked coolant system
  • Full flow lubricating coolant to all size drill tips
  • Continuous chip flushing
  • Continuous temperature control

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