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 Rocker Reverb, Machine # 6665

Rocker Reverb, Machine:6665, image:0
Rocker Reverb Furnace - 5
Rocker Reverb, Machine:6665, image:1
Rocker Reverb Furnace - 1
Rocker Reverb, Machine:6665, image:2
Rocker Reverb Furnace - 4
Rocker Reverb, Machine:6665, image:3
Rocker Reverb Furnace - 2
Rocker Reverb, Machine:6665, image:4
Rocker Reverb Furnace - 3
Reference #:6665
Machine Type:Other
Under Power:No


  • Capacity (black copper): 60 tons


  • This furnace has a holding capacity of 60 tons of Black Copper. Scrap was
  • melted in a small blast furnace, then transferred to the holding furnace for
  • refining. Once refined in the Holding furnace the molten metal was
  • transferred to converters for additional refining.

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